Welcome to the Collaboration Place: Tutoring in Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens and Tequesta, Fl K-6 and middle/ high school ELA .

-A unique learning support that leads to life-long study habits!

-Tutoring students K-5 and encouraging behaviors that produce academic gains!

The Collaboration Place offers in home academic tutoring in North East Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter and Tequesta,FL. My vision is to sit and collaborate with parents, students and teachers on how to help their child succeed in school through structured, yet nurturing methods. We offer professional in-home tutoring to families with elementary students K-6 who may need help with fundamental skills.  We will target the areas your child needs help with, focusing on academic and behavior targets. Joann and I tutor K-6 and Karen tutors 6-12 ELA in SAT/ACT/GED /HighSchool/ and Middle School. 

This site is a prerequisite to a bigger dream that will grow in the coming year. Letter Writing, Arts and Books will weave into a positive session, changing resistant attitudes to reading into a comfortable habit. 


Tutoring - Hobe Sound, FL

You can book your first session for free. Our services include:

Collaboration with Parents to Establish Needs & Goals 

"Getting to Know You Time" with the Student &Planning out Time to Establish Goals for a Positive School Year 

In Home Tutoring - Hobe Sound, FL
Math Tutoring - Hobe Sound, FL


My first and foremost mission is to foster independent skills, so students can work independently and successfully.

Tutoring Service - Hobe Sound, FL


My tutoring sessions are presented with a balance of work and with a sense of humor while working towards behavioral modification goals set up in school.


How great is it to see academic gains? I love it because with gains comes confidence!

About the Owner:

Natalie Giasullo is a former elementary teacher. She graduated cum laude with a B. A. in elementary education from St. Thomas University. She taught both primary and intermediate elementary in the public sector for 15 years. Additionally, she also worked as a private school teacher and assistant director for several years. She took a break from education when she became co-owner of Classic Cars of Palm Beach with her husband, John. Natalie found that she kept coming back to the local schools offering classroom teachers support with needed supplies. She also made it a point that the car business was to link up with the local schools in Jupiter. For example, each time a Jupiter High School Warrior, past or present, buys a car at their car lot, $100 goes to the Jupiter High School Care Team. The Care Team works with disadvantaged students whose family may have a critical illness, lost a job or home, or face financial challenges.  

Recently, Natalie became an empty nester and started tutoring elementary students in their homes. She finds it extremely rewarding to work with students individually and seeing them make academic gains. Her lessons are aligned with the Palm Beach County School standards. Her approach is multisensory to engage the student as much as possible. She is currently working with a range of students from K-5  in Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens. 

Working with kids should be considered a privilege! 


Contact Natalie

Tell me a little about your student (grade, report card grades in reading and math, areas that need to be addressed, homework habits, and any individual education plans from school.) I will call you as soon as possible to discuss how I can help your child.

Parent Feedback

Testimonial from our client

In regards to tutoring- JUST THE BEST! Natalie meets the needs of the child by evaluating exactly where they are and projects where they need to be.  Plus, she gets the student to that point, by challenging the student, which I did not see enough at  at school. Very professional and wonderful to work with.

- Michelle in Jupiter ,Fl

While Struggling at school with math, my son Mauricio got all the support he needed to improve while getting excellent tutoring.

Lizzy in Hobe Sound, Fl

Testimonial from our client

I am very happy to endorse Natalie Giasullo as an interventional asset for children with specific needs or those who desire extra instruction in elementary education.

Natalie is a blessing to my daughter who needs extra support in second grade due to an auditory processing disorder.  She is very warm, patient and kind as she creates a fun learning environment.  My daughter's grades have come up dramatically.  It's obvious she enjoys working with children and is very qualified.  Her true desire to help them succeed is evident from the very first session.

Leslie in Jupiter, Fl.

When I met this student back in September he couldn't write when asked.  He could only read 3 words from a primer list.  Now he is reading from a first grade list, reads to his parents, has actually come to like reading and wrote this composition.  I only heHe wants to be a person that helps nature! I know that my supplemental help has helped him to become a reader and that is a great feeling!

When I met him back in September he was not able to write when asked to.  He was only able to read 3 words off a primer list and lacked confidence. Now I am happy to say, he is reading off a first grade list, is reading to his parents and wrote the composition above in which he wants to be a person that helps nature.  I can't take full credit because I know he has wonderful teachers as well.  However, I do know I helped through my supplemental program and that is a great feeling!!

This young lady has an area set up at home to assure a routine that develops strong academic habits. She has a selection of writing utensils and math manipulatives in her desk. Bravo to her parents! 

Need help for older students?

I have had the pleasure of working with some really great teachers. At the moment I do have a high school Language Arts teacher that can also tutor in the home. Karen is certified in grades 6-12.  She is the owner at Lifetales Media and is a former instructional specialist at Robeson Community College. She can help your child prepare for the SAT or ACT as well. She keeps track of pre test and progressive practice tests to note improvements and hit the target goals set up with you and your student. Thinking forward, school break, including summer vacation, is a great time to target student needs and help them strengthen the skills they are weak in or even lacking. It is also a great time to prepare for fall SAT/ACT testing. To set up a schedule for the spring and summer breaks, contact me at admin@thecollaborationplace.com or emptynatster@gmail.com

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The Journey Begins

I couldn't be happier doing what I'm doing!  I'm helping little ones develop into confident readers and mathematicians!  The curriculum I use for the primary elementary is Orton-…

 SAT/ACT Prep in Jupiter, Tequesta Palm Beach Gardens 

Having worked at a well known tutoring company, I know how schedules can challenge time for meeting.  I am offering a semi independent structure in which a parent will meet with me to discuss their student's needs. This set up is for students that are motivated on their own.  I will set the student up with either/both the language arts/ math prep tutor to work together a once a week ( can also be set to twice a week if desired). . The rest of the week the student will complete sections advised from the tutor to brush up on skills needed for success. As they meet, they go over any distractors and questions needing attention before going on to the next session. There are no contracts, just weekly schedules.

Registration Fee $25  

Prep fee- $50.00 an hour

Initial meeting-  Please have SAT/ACT Analysis of last test taken so we can target areas that need focus. 

For math sessions please have student bring the calculator they will be testing with.

Test Dates for PSAT Wednesday 10-16 and Saturday 10-19

Test Dates for SAT 8/24  10/5  11/2  12/7  3/12  6/6

Test Dates for ACT 7/13 9/4  10/26  12/14  2/8  4/4  6/13  7/18