The Journey Begins

February 28, 2019

By Natalie Giasullo

I couldn't be happier doing what I'm doing!  I'm helping little ones develop into confident readers and mathematicians!  The curriculum I use for the primary elementary is Orton- Gillingham based with a steady routine to build a students confidence in reading.  Math is structured with manipulatives to reinforce concepts presented.  I get to interact with really great students and be as creative as I want to be.  

In this blog piece I will share experiences that might be helpful to other families.  For example, I had a parent ask me about her first grader flipping the b and d.  This is a common occurrence for little ones, so first off I wouldn't panic just yet.  In visiting a school a few months back, I observed a teacher who had made a template at the top of her testing papers with Bb Dd Pp on the top so students could reference it when they were writing.

My colleague, Karen Hamilton will also be posting on helpful strategies for ACT/SAT prep and Memoir writing. 

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